Commentary in Dorchester Reporter – Boston needs a seat on T’s management board

The Dorchester Reporter has published the campaign’s first op-ed! Read the first few paragraphs here:

Amid the suddenly open Boston mayoral race and the precipitous decline in Covid-19 cases, a long-awaited decision on Beacon Hill about whether Boston residents will have a seat at the table on major public transportation decisions has disappeared from the public debate.

A plan for what comes after the existing Fiscal Management and Control Board (FMCB) was supposed to be made last year, when the T board was originally scheduled to close. Instead, with the pandemic raging, a last-minute deal extended the term of the existing FMCB for another year. That extension is coming to an end on June 30, and there has been no information released about what is next for MBTA governance.

Since the collapse of the T during the winter storms in February 2015, the FMCB had been directly supervising the T, meeting weekly with a goal of improving Greater Boston’s public transit system. Last year, a bill proposed to set one seat aside for the city of Boston to appoint was put forward, but didn’t happen. Beacon Hill needs to continue on the path they began last year and give the communities that support and use the MBTA seats on the new FMCB – one for Boston and one for the surrounding communities.

Read the whole thing on the Dorchester Reporter’s website.

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