Spillane Qualifies for Ballot

Boston, MA — Today, the Jon Spillane for Boston City Council At-Large campaign announced that Jon Spillane, of Beacon Hill, has officially qualified for the September Primary ballot, after the Boston Elections Department verified the required 1,500 signatures from the Spillane campaign. In total, the Spillane campaign has collected over 3,000 signatures on 90 sheets, representing the support of thousands of registered Boston voters from neighborhoods across the city. 

As one of the first At-Large campaigns to make the ballot, the Spillane campaign solidifies its position as a top contender with the city-wide organization and grassroots momentum to elect Jon Spillane to serve as City Councilor At-Large. Over 70 volunteers have taken part in collecting signatures, soliciting signatures from family, friends, neighbors, and at train stations and grocery stores across Boston.  

“The outpouring of support our campaign has received across large swaths of Boston has been incredible to witness,” said Jon Spillane, candidate for Boston City Council At-Large. “Our vision for the City Council centers on our neighbors and community members, the folks who raised me and who I’m proud to have looked up to my whole life. As Boston rebuilds from the pandemic, I would be humbled to bring my experience working in City Hall to the table as a City Councilor At-Large, getting to work and ready to deliver results on day one.”

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The City of Boston is the only home I have ever known, and I am incredibly grateful to my community, who taught me the importance of service to others, civic engagement, and faith in a brighter tomorrow for all of us. It is these values that shaped our campaign for City Council, and, though we came up short of the general, it is these same values will continue to drive our City forward.

Running for City Council has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I was honored to do so alongside the largest, most historically diverse class of candidates that the City of Boston has ever seen. I am proud to have run a campaign that was a testament to my family, teachers, and community leaders – those whose investment in our City meant that a kid from Hyde Park could get an education, work at City Hall, and run for office to expand access to affordable housing, public transit, and City services for all.

I am grateful to our City-wide coalition of volunteers and supporters for believing in our vision. I am grateful to my fellow candidates for the ideas and passion that they brought to our many, many forums and neighborhood meetings and zoom conversations. Congratulations to those who are moving on to the Top 8 – you have made Boston incredibly proud of what you have achieved, and I look forward to working alongside you to advocate for fair housing, reliable transit, and an affordable City that works for all.

– Jon